Fitness Challenge For Women

All women have that sense to better themselves mentally, emotionally, financially,  and most important, physically. I have a fitness challenge that will engage the muscles that you didn’t think existed in your body. There are different fitness levels that varies from person to person, but anybody can do this challenge, so just consult with your primary doctor if you’re concern with any form of exercise and how it would impact your health.


Day 1:                        45 seconds

15 seconds of shoulder rotations (going front and backwards)

15 seconds of arm stretching (arm behind head crossover)

15 seconds of quad stretching ( pulling your each foot up to glutes)

                                  Squat With A Twist

Have your feet apart from each other then squat as far as you can go, and when you come up twist to the left to engage your core. Squat again as far as you can go and when you come back up twist to the right. You are going to keep repeating this for five minutes. Remember to breath.

                                      Jump Rope

Jump rope non stop for five minutes. This will improve your endurance and get that heart pumping so you can get those calories burning. Now it’s okay to take short breaks in between, but you want to continue as soon as possible to get the most of your workout. Remember to breath.

                                     Jumping Jacks

Do jumping jacks for five minutes. This exercise is also for endurance and it’s an awesome calorie burner. The higher you jump the more calories you burn. Remember to breath.


Now you really want to push yourself, because this will be the last exercise challenge. Feet should be spread apart, so you walk down to a push up position, do a push up and walk back to stand up position, then keep repeating for five minutes. Now it’s okay to take a break in between to catch your breath, but you want to jump back in as soon as you can to get the most out of your workout. Remember to breath.

                                                  Cool Down

Repeat stretches from above, because you always want to stretch before and after exercising to prevent injury. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, that’s room temperature water because it’s the best way to replenish the water you loose from sweating.




5 Things Kids Can Do On Spring Break

1523147825117628726187-248616853.jpg    Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about our children being out of school for a week or so. Our kids deserve a break to do something fun during this time, because they are busy bodies, it is  impossible to keep them still. If you have multiple children like me then you know we have to think ahead of time to find them something to do.

So here are the 5 things that I’ve came across.

1. Camping

Now to sign your child/children up for camping, I suggest you use your resources through their school because it could be a little pricey. The YMCA is one of those pricey camps, but since spring break is only a week or so, it could be well worth it. In their camping program, they have swimmimg, painting, arts and craft, and all sorts of programs that’s available through them.

2 Barnes And Noble

Now this activity is one of my favorites to do with my kids. Barnes and Noble have an activity called “Story Time” and they read different stories to your children and after they are ask questions to see if they are paying attention to what was being read. There are light snacks and drinks provided. It will also give you a little time to your self. You can do a little reading with a cup of coffee. Its wonderful to have a coffee shop inside.

3 The Boys and Girls Club

The majority of the time this program is free. They also have swimmimg, arts and craft, games, and recreational time. They provide free meals. You should try your local Boys and Girls Club to see what programs are available.

4 Dance 

You can sign your children up for a dance lesson. There are a variety of dances to choose from, anywhere from hip hop, ballae, and swing dancing. Its actually fun to watch your kids learn new dance moves. It will definitely make a parent proud.

5 Home Depot

This business actually teach your child or children to carve wood and make things. They can also paint their models whenever they finish. This is actually for an entire family to enjoy together. So guys check your local Home Depot to see when the next workshop class is available.


So that’s all 5 things that your children can do while they are out of school for spring break. I would definitely explore the resources in your communities to keep your children active. You can’t  keep them in the house for a whole week during spring break and think there’s going to be peaceful. Lol the more activities the less drama.

Gun Violence On The Rise

15193058465008062795241727937344.jpgHello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about gun violence and how its affecting our communities and all around the world.

I know there has been murder since the beginning, but right now it’s just ridiculous when I turn on the news see these countless and senseless murders.

Children are the key to our future and many of them are losing their lives to gun violence. Some of them are runaways and when they’re out on the streets they join gangs to feel like they belong. Others can be playing outside, or just anywhere and with a snap of a finger their lives are taken from them. Mothers are losing their children and its a shame the mothers are burying them instead of the other way around.

I’m one of those parents that dont allow my children go to the neighnorhood park due to crime. A lot of things are different now and I don’t want to take any chances for my children to be a target if I can help it.

It isn’t fair that some children wouldn’t grow up and have families. You never know what could become of them. I fear for my children. They can be innocent bystanders and the thought of that make me sick to my stomach.

Just last week, not only teens are being gunned down. Its different ages and races. Bullets have no name on it and come to think about it, guns don’t kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people. They make it really easy to buy guns. It isn’t fair to the law-abiding citzens to lose their rights to bear arms, because people that kill will make it harder for people to protect themselves.

Soon the government will make it harder for purchasing a gun  through background checks. But what about the illegal guns that’s in the streets. It seems like the more they try, the worst it gets.

There are a lot of reasons I think to why gun violence keeps increasing in our communities. You can blame it on the economy, racism, ECT. That’s still no excuse to kill each other.

They say that from 1968 to 2011 they’re were more death to gun violence than the war in Iraq for Independence. Now that’s pretty scary. It’s like we at war with eachother, and for what nothing comes out of it but heartache and pain.

I can’t imagine personally to lose a child, but there are a lot of mothers out there that had this happen to their child. I just wish that our government would do something about this. They have the power to build nuclear weapons, wage wars, and pass laws. There’s nothing that can’t do, if they wanted something done. It seems like these guns are being poured into the streets for us to kill each other, so they can have population control.

We don’t need to lose no more children. They don’t deserve to go out like that. I believe that it will get worst before it gets better. All it takes is one person making one decision to put their gun down and just maybe others will follow.




Transition Of A Teenage Daughter


Hello there blog readers! Today I’m going to talk about raising one of my children that’s about to be a teenage daughter.

Raising children period is a fulltime job. Its absolutely no vacation time and you dam sure don’t get compensated. The great thing about being a parent is watching your kids flourish into young adults. The key is in their childhood, in how you raise them to the type of adults they will become.

When my 11 year old was born, she was beautiful. She weighed seven pounds, six ounces, and she had these piercing blue eyes. I never saw an African American baby with blue eyes before, but my mother told me that I had the same thing. Eventually mines turned to a hazel color and my 11 year old turned to a pretty green color.

                     1 Years Old

Anyways when my daughter was 1 years old, she was the most play full thing. Forget terrible 2s, she was terrible in her ones. She was very smart and would hold a conversation with you like she was five years old. She succeeded well in Head Start . Learning her Abc’s and 123’s.

                      2 Years Old

When my baby turned 2, I gave her a  birthday party and as requested she want me to bake her a chocolate cake. I did as promised. I never seen a baby eat so much cake before lol.

This was the age that I started potty training her and boy do I tell you, it was like pulling teeth. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, they weren’t lying. I had a whole lot of hands in this training and she just wouldn’t budge.

Until one day she was at the babysitter and she ran out of pull ups and had to wear panties. I guess she thought the pull ups were pampers too, because she didn’t mind using the bathroom in them lol. She had an accident in her underwear and she didn’t like the way it felt on her bottom at all. So the babysitter told her if she didn’t want to feel that way again, you have to use the potty. She put her on more underwear guess what?……………….She started using the potty every since.

                     3 Years Old

At 3 years old, my daughter was getting more curious about the world around her. She would ask “What’s wrong with the eldely?”, because of their gray hair, I tell her that over time you get older from a baby to little girl, from a little girl to a teenager, from teenager to grown-up, and from grown-up to an old person.

I would tell her that she turns older evey birthday. I didn’t expected her to fully understand the aging process, but I try to explain the aging process as simply as I can. That’s why you have to teach them as much as you can when they’re that young.

                     4 Years Old

My daughter had to go stay with her grandma for two years, due to my personal issues that needed to be tended to. I lost two years of her life. I regreted the day I had to make that decision, but she was better off with her. Now I did see her on weekends and holidays to keep in touch. It killed me every time I had to good bye to her, because I felt that she shouldn’t be going anywhere. So I pretty much missed the 4th and 5th year of her life.

                    6 Years Old

My daughter finally came back home because I got back on my feet. The two years that I missed with my daughter changed her life. She thought I didn’t want her any more, no matter how much I tried to explain. As time went on she soon learned that wasn’t it at all. All I had to do was keep informing her that I love her and she doesn’t have to leave ever again. She really her had a good year in kindergarten.

                       7 Years Old

This is when my daughter teeth was coming out. Oh yea! Those baby teeth was out and in with the adult teeth. I notice a change in her behavior, because she just couldn’t sit down or stop talking and she was even like this in school. During parent and teachers conferences, it was always she can do better, she’s easily distracted instead of focusing on what she has to do. Thats the reason why she doesn’t know the material, because of her lack of focus. I later found out that she has HADSD. So with her medication she did ok in school for a couple of years.

                       8 Years Old 

This is when my daughter started developing into a young lady. She had more femine parts that any 8 year old that I’ve seen. So at that age, I talked to her about the menstrual cycle. She was scared and ask me “Does it hurt?” I told her sometimes it does and sometimes not. I wanted my daughters and I to have an open communication relationship. Sometimes they talk to much and sometimes I be like please shut up lol. She tells me about boys in her school and whos cute and whos not.

She’s very over-protected when it comes to her 5 year old sister. She wouldn’t allow no one messing with her and yet they fight like most sisters do. But they love each other deeply.

                    9 Years Old 

Well now my daughter, at this age has really matured. She understands a lot more important things. Like why school is so important, and having a job, the value of a dollar, saving money and not spending it every time she gets some. Now she wants to be treated like she’s older and wants independency.

                    10 Years Old

Now my daughter is really feeling herself because shes in the double digit age and close to being a teen. This is when the eye rolling and smacking the teeth start. And every time she does it, it makes me want to put her over my knee. She thinks she’s too big for spankings, and I proved that over and over again. This is the age when she around her friends and the peer pressure is all around her. That’s why I stay on her and ask her how her day was at school, and what happen, ECT.

You have to teach your daughters as soon as possible to respect their bodies and carry themselves as respectable young ladies, so that they can always have a good reputation to follow them.

                     11 Years Old

This is the age my daughter is today and I’m still raising her to become a successful adult and support want ever she wants to be in life. I tell no matter how hard it seems, you keep at it then the doors will open for you.  She wants to be a clothing designer and a v-logger. I tell all my kids that they can be whatever they want to be, as long as they’re happy.

Well that’s it for now guys. I have a few more years until my 11 year old turns 18, so the journey continues.0216180657-350285654.jpg02161806561026463866.jpg











5 Remote Companies You Can Work From Home

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about working from home gigs that hires remote agents. Its really just a matter if you’re tired of your 9 to 5, then I suggest you check these out.


First of all this company is the number one company to work for because of the flexibility of the scheduling it offers. You can choose your own schedule and work as many or as less hours you like. They have different lines you can work from too.

If you’re in the medical feild, then you would choose Abbreva.You process medical claims when patients call in with different inquiries. It pays 25 cents a minute during talk time, so your invoice adds up pretty quickly.

They also have the Pizza hut line. Now they’re hours start from 10 am to 240 am. They pay 22 cents a minute as long as you’re talking. You will get incentives here if you do a lot of up sells with each order.

They have the High Response line that pays 25 cents a min during talk time. These calls are more shorter than others because your’e just gathering information from callers that want price quotes car insurance, life insurance, and many other products and services. License representative will follow up with them. Hours are available 24 hours on this line.//

Direct Response is the higher paying line because of the upsells you can receive commission from. Customers call in when they see infomercials to different products and you basically help them place their order, and offer them the upsells that would accommodate the main offer.

Occasionally they have special lines during the holidays that average to pay out 18 dollars an hour. Christmas tax season is definitely the money making months.

So if you want put your application in go to You would have to pay 35 dollars for a background check, do a voice audition for a script they will send you through your email, and no bankrupcys within the last 7 years. You got all those things, then you should be good to go.

Contract World

Contract World have different positions as well, like Loreal, Pizza Hut, Chat Monitoring, and KFC customer services.

Now for Pizza Hut they pay 55 cents per order. Other positions they pay more, but its a fun line and its really interesting talking to different people across the United States. They do a background check and you have to make sure that your office is equipped to take these calls. To find out more details about this line go to

ACD Direct

This is an inbound call center with different projects depending on the time of year. There calls are like the high response calls like liveops but there’s no up selling . For more information go to


This company is different because they pay 8 dollars a hour and it doesn’t matter if you’re talking or not. You still get pay per hour. For more information go to


This is an inbound call center that can pay well working from home. The good thing about it is that, they will ship you a computer and head set to work with. The application volume is very high, so it can be months before you hear back from them. They pay 15 to 18 dollars an hour.

So go for it if you ready be an Entrepreneur, or this can be the beginning to find your niche in moving towards your own.